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NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning
NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers a modern, scalable solution to run all of your key back office operations and financial business processes in the cloud…


A powerful platform for B2C or B2B
As a pioneer in the industry since 1998, NetSuite was first to provide a solution that unified eCommerce with your back office systems, whether your business model is B2C or B2B….


NetSuite Customer Relationship Management
NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the only cloud solution that delivers a real-time 360-degree view of your customer. NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across ….

Professional Services

NetSuite ServicesResource Planning
With NetSuite’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions, you will increase visibility into your professional services organization, improve resource..

Zastro is a NetSuite Partner

Why We Chose NetSuite

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"We moved to NetSuite a year before we probably needed it. It was the luckiest thing we ever did. If we would have tried to implement NetSuite when we needed it, it would have been too late. I couldn't imagine the growth and success we have had without it"

-Blair Budlong, President, DecksDirect.com

“GTI needed a more powerful system than QuickBooks to manage our inventory and purchasing process, to support our contract manufacturing network, and to provide a solution for our international sales and distribution goals”

-Heidi Brown, VP, IT & Administration, Geophysical Technology Inc.

"We selected NetSuite and the Zastro team because we wanted a local partner that understood us, and because NetSuite gave us a complete solution for manufacturing our organic food products with the lot traceability that is critical in our industry. We struggled with QuickBooks and Order Manager and spent too much time reconciling differences instead of focusing on growing the business"

-Alex Bethke, Director of Operations, Wilderness Products

“There is no way we could have managed the growth in our business with QuickBooks. The efficiency we gained with NetSuite allowed us to manage thousands more transactions without adding staff”

-Jodie Korinek, Controller, PM&J

“We moved to NetSuite because we were frustrated with the inability of Fishbowl to integrate with QuickBooks and keep our inventory in sync. We needed a platform that provides a complete solution rather than trying to integrate a bunch of disparate applications”

-Patrick Dickinson, Owner, Kitchen Cabinet Distributors