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2811, 2017

MN CPA Tax Conference

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MN CPA Tax Conference November 30th-December 1st, 2017 Minneapolis Convention Center 1301 Second Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55403 Booth #118

1909, 2017

5 Key Trends for the Modern Distributor

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5 Key Trends  for the Modern Distributor Hear from industry experts and NetSuite customers on the key trends facing modern distributors and how to turn them into opportunities To the untrained eye, distribution may appear to be a fairly straightforward industry—in reality, however, it is evolving more rapidly than ever before. From increased competition and changing business models to a barrage of new, innovative technologies, the way distributors do business is starkly different than it was even five years ago. In an age with such pronounced structural change and competitive pressures, to risk

709, 2017

Achieving the Perfect Order

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Achieving the Perfect Order Completing the perfect order means not only delivering on customer expectations, but also getting the products delivered at the optimal cost and efficiency. Customer expectations are ever-changing, and more is expected out of modern retailers than ever before. One expectation of modern customers is the demand for single, cross-channel view of their orders. This means having a unified order view whether they're in-store, on their computer, or on mobile. By catering to every customer interaction, merchants can increase customer brand loyalty, conversion rates, and the likelihood of repeat purchases. To learn

2808, 2017

Learn How Other Manufacturers are Turning to Technology to Remain Competitive

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Learn How Other Manufacturers are Turning to Technology to Remain Competitive We live in a digital business world where digital communication and digital systems of record are becoming the norm. In a time where companies of all sizes can connect devices, machinery, processes and data for faster and better decision-making, having the right technology in place is critical for success. Regardless of whether you are making day-to-day tactical decisions on the shop floor or in the front office, or strategic decisions on the top floor, you need that connectivity to stay one step ahead of

1008, 2017

Reasons Companies Outgrow and Seek Alternatives to QuickBooks

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Reasons Companies Outgrow and Seek Alternatives to QuickBooks Reason #1 – Inventory Management If you have inventory to manage, you know that it can be challenging to have the right items in stock at the right time at an appropriate level to support your customer’s needs. This can lead to a reliance on systems like QuickBooks, or an alternative to QuickBooks, to maintain proper inventory levels. For most companies, investment in inventory is one of the largest assets on the balance sheet.  Is this asset working for you or against you? "The No.

908, 2017

Avoid the Pitfalls that Restrict Business Growth

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 Avoid the Pitfalls that Restrict Business Growth Learn how an integrated software platform helps companies avoid inefficiencies and grow more profitably Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the brief form to download the paper. As fast-growing companies expand their business operations, add new customers and deal with new challenges, it’s critical that they have systems that enable them to operate and grow in the most efficient and profitable manner. Too often, businesses are held back by standalone software silos that cut into performance and profitability. Download this white paper to learn how leading businesses have eliminated their