5 Key Trends for the Modern Distributor

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5 Key Trends  for the Modern Distributor Hear from industry experts and NetSuite customers on the key trends facing modern distributors and how to turn them into opportunities To the untrained eye, distribution may appear to be a fairly straightforward industry—in reality, however, it is evolving more rapidly

Achieving the Perfect Order

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Achieving the Perfect Order Completing the perfect order means not only delivering on customer expectations, but also getting the products delivered at the optimal cost and efficiency. Customer expectations are ever-changing, and more is expected out of modern retailers than ever before. One expectation of modern customers is the demand

Avoid the Pitfalls that Restrict Business Growth

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 Avoid the Pitfalls that Restrict Business Growth Learn how an integrated software platform helps companies avoid inefficiencies and grow more profitably Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the brief form to download the paper. As fast-growing companies expand their business operations, add new customers and deal with new challenges, it’s critical that

Think You’re Too Small For ERP?

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 Think You're Too Small For ERP? Many SMBs make do with a patchwork of entry-level solutions to run their business. But as the business grows, those disconnected applications result in manual work and inconsistent data that cost time and money. In many cases, SMBs mistakenly thought they were too small to need a world-class

Is Legacy ERP Holding Your Business Back?

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Is Legacy ERP Holding Your Business Back?Download this report to learn more about the benefits Pro-Flex has realized by switching from Epicor to NetSuite, including:Broad access. NetSuite’s cloud platform provides all of Pro-Flex’s users with easy access from anywhere, at any time.Single source of data. With NetSuite as the single source of truth, all operational

NetSuite Client scheduled to present

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One of our great NetSuite clients, Blair Budlong from DecksDirect.com, is presenting this week. Blair Budlong started Decks Direct 9 years ago and will be speaking to his success in person at the next Twin Cities e-Commerce meet up on 4/26. See how their Minnesota-based eCommerce business has achieved such incredible growth.

Zastro Attending SuiteWorld 2017

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Zastro will be attending the SuiteWorld 2017 annual NetSuite conference in Las Vegas this week. Check out the keynote speakers for this year’s show. Look for updates on the highlights of the show later this week.