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The scalable foundation for modern high-growth manufacturing companies

NetSuite’s cloud business management solution provides the foundation manufacturing companies need to streamline critical business process.

  • Eliminate the use of error-prone spreadsheets
  • Reduce time to market of new products
  • Improve order processing efficiency
  • Closely monitor and control costing
  • Deliver better quality products
  • Reduce IT support and resource costs
  • Speed up the financial close process
  • Gain controls critical for compliance activities

Modern manufacturing companies require a foundation that enables flexibility, agility and visibility. Cloud computing is the accepted business architecture of today and tomorrow. NetSuite frees you to focus on innovation rather than the burden of maintaining hardware and software.

Each manufacturer is unique and requires the flexibility to adapt to today’s ever changing business environment. NetSuite’s proven, secure, reliable and scalable SuiteCloud platform delivers the customization and extensibility you need to make NetSuite your business management platform of choice for your current and future needs.

NetSuite CRM & ERP

NetSuite CRM & ERP is the base suite that delivers a real-time 360-degree view of your customer and provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle from lead through to opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, up-sell, cross-sell, support, invoicing, inventory management and full accounting. With a comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business, NetSuite takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.


  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • Procurement
  • Order and Billing Management
  • Warehouse and Fulfillment
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Service Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Real Time Analytics

NetSuite Advanced Inventory

NetSuite Advanced Inventory is an optional module that provides a broad array of capabilities to optimize inventory availability and levels. This enables businesses to keep inventory costs low while meeting customers’ delivery expectations.


  • Matrix Items
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Bar Coding: Items and Transactions
  • Lot Management
  • Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Automated Re-order Point / Lead Time Calculations
  • Warranty Claims

NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies

NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies is an optional module that provides capabilities such as the assembly of products, creating inventory products from raw materials, assembling inventory kits, calculating assembly costs and compiling materials lists.


  • Assemblies with Bill of Materials
  • Multi-level Sub-components
  • Work Orders for Production Orders and Special Order Assembly Build

NetSuite Manufacturing WIP and Routings

NetSuite WIP and Routings helps in establishing realistic volume and cost targets and tracking performance against them. It also enables root causes to be identified and researched instances where these targets are missed. This is an optional module.


  • Define work centers
  • Define routings with setup times and run rates
  • Track manufacturing activities (including labor and machine time) by sequence of operations
  • Track labor, machine, and material cost accumulated in work in process
  • Record labor and machine direct and overhead costs during operation completion
  • Work Orders Assemblies and Advanced Inventory modules are required

NetSuite Demand Planning

NetSuite Demand Planning is an optional module that enables purchasing and inventory managers to determine the demand projection of items in the coming months based on historical data and trends or sales forecast information. It delivers the insights that managers need to plan inventory accordingly, and create purchase and work orders to meet anticipated demand.
Note: Advanced Inventory module is required for Demand Planning


  • Demand projection of items
  • Advanced Inventory Planning
  • Automated Purchase Orders and/or Work Orders

NetSuite Advanced Procurement

NetSuite Advanced Procurement is an optional module that helps companies improve the procurement process by exerting tighter control over spending, simplifying requests for goods and services, and rendering real-time visibility end-to-end.


  • Helps manage supplier relationships, source-to-pay processes and related procurement spend
  • Creates requisitions transaction allowing a buyer to spread a requisition’s items across multiple vendor POs, and/or consolidate multiple requisitions’ items into a single vendor PO.
  • New purchase contracts enable companies to make purchases with negotiated pricing Lot Management
  • Blanket POs allow companies to purchase in large volumes and spread the delivery of the items or expenses over a time horizon using pre-specified schedules.


RF Smart Integrated Scanning Solution

Take advantage of powerful mobile/RF barcoding functionality for your manufacturing, shop floor and inventory operations.


  • Work Order Issue
  • Work Order Completion
  • Work Order Completion with Backflush
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Location Count
  • Item Look-Up
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Cycle Count
  • Physical Count
  • Transfer Order Receiving
  • Transfer Order Picking
  • Assembly Build

SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for NetSuite

The SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for NetSuite integrates into your existing NetSuite application, offering advanced functionality with less risk and at a lower cost than traditional EDI software. Our proven, cloud-based architecture provides the flexibility and scalability you need to thrive in the omnichannel era. You’ll also be joining the world’s largest retail network that currently hosts more than 60,000 trading partnerships. Your business will benefit from the speed and accuracy of automated sales order creation, order acknowledgement, ship notice management, invoicing and more, making it equally simple to collaborate with trading partners located around the world.


  • Automate NetSuite Sales Order Creation
  • Order Acknowledgement Initiation
  • Advance Ship Notice Submission
  • Invoicing directly from NetSuite

NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld is an optional module that addresses the complex multinational and multi-company needs of mid-market organizations. Enables businesses to adjust for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and roll-up.


  • Multi- company / Multi-org support in single NetSuite Account
  • Segregated ERP and G/L for each Subsidiary
  • Global CRM and Sales Support
  • Multiple transaction and consolidation currencies
  • Local functional currency reporting for each Subsidiary
  • Real-time consolidated financial reporting for multiple currencies
  • Multi-country regulatory tax and reporting support

NetSuite Fixed Asset Management

NetSuite Fixed Asset Management is an optional module that enables you to maintain and control the complete asset lifecycle from creation to depreciation, revaluation and retirement. Its detailed asset management functionality supports multiple depreciation calculation types, handling of depreciating and non-depreciating assets, maintenance schedules, lease and insurance. Tight integration with NetSuite Financials creates accounting entries and fixed assets from purchases to help ensure that no equipment slips through the cracks


  • Acquire, Depreciate, Dispose and Revalue assets
  • Depreciation Management
  • Asset Process Accounting Automation
  • Real Time Asset Reporting
  • Up to 500,000 assets

NetSuite Payroll Service

NetSuite Payroll Service is the complete, full-service solution for managing your payroll. We do all the hard work for you, including handling all filings and deposits for federal, state and local jurisdictions. The NetSuite Payroll Service minimizes payroll headaches, reduces tedious paperwork, and gives you peace of mind with our “No Penalties Guarantee.” You’ll never need to prepare or mail payroll tax forms again. Managing payroll has never been so easy.


  • Fully integrated with accounting, sales force automation
  • Supports all federal state and more than 10,000 local taxes
  • Monitors tax law changes and provides mid-year and annual updates
  • Provides required forms online, pre-filled with employee and employer data
  • Determines employee tax jurisdictions (even locals) based on employee and business addresses
  • Supports state tax reciprocity laws
  • Applies local tax sharing rules